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Ponzi Alert: Facebook Ponzi

To the THETA community that I dearly love ❤️ so much

Please take 30 min and watch @Theta_URP video made back in May

We spoke out about this Ponzi back then to protect you from @OfficialTBILL

This guy @Theta_Doctor did nothing! Shame! He supported!

URP on TBillURP on TBill

And now you have the audacity to come here and call me out

Who the hell do you think you are

you were looking after your self, and protecting and associating with fraudsters!

Don’t come here and tell me anything or lecture me, people lost lots of money 💰

The Influencers robbed the community, Digital Dave, Big dog, Alien like, Teddy B, and Michelle White Dove!

DeGuard robbed the community!

And now because of @TheGPooL and @OfficialTBILL he’s got close to 200 Mil Tfuel in his wallet he’s spreading out 🤔

So you better watch out when you talk shit about me!

I’m not backing down to nobody, not after all my time here supporting @ThetaDrop THETA, and my Projects!

And close to 400,000 investment!

Without once getting anything in return, not a single thing for free. Nada!

Except for the pure joy I get from spending time here with the community and my friends. And the dream that one day we will all make it

I am not going anywhere and will continue to be loud!

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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