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The Top 10 Cryptocurrencies All Gained: “They Don’t Exist”

1) Crypto the promised lands we all were waiting for.

The promised lands that few were expecting.

A thread 🧵 on the opportunity we have before us but at the cost of things you didn't expect.

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2) Most of us today joined the cryptocurrency markets because of the promise or hope of better days.

We are all guilty of investing in this market because of the "ease" of reaching these "riches".

We didn't expect it would require more than blood, sweat and tears from us.

3) I was no different and certainly one of the people expecting the road to be smooth and definitely a lot easier than I soon realized.

Investing as an early adopter

would be enough right?

Boy was I wrong...

4) After being multiple years involved into this market my biggest realization was that there are


If it was easy, everyone would be doing it and most would already be rich after minimal effort.

Although most influencers would make you believe this.

5) Bitcoin and Ethereum are beasts in their own right.

But they already have made life changing gains.

They will make you profit but not make you rich anymore unless you already were close to being rich.

6) 95% of cryptocurrencies completely dissappear.

Since joining in 2016 I can personally testify this is true from real experience.

95% of tokens from the previous cycle aren't there anymore today. Even the biggest gainers back then.

And if they are, they are at rock bottom.

7) The biggest gainers from today's cycle are newly released tokens that didn't exist back then.

The top 10 today is completely different than before.

Next cycle will also largely be driven by life changing gains from new tokens.

A select few from today does remain though.

8) And then we also have bear markets.

An incredibly emotional period that's going to test your deepest fear and despair and even more than the average crypto investor won't be able to handle.

As the first cycle didn't teach you to take profits.

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9) So basically

-It's not just investing and profiting? -95% tokens dissappear? -It doesn't keep going up and we have bear markets?

"Are you saying cryptocurrency

isn't the opportunity we thought it was"?

10) It is and plenty more of what you previously imagined.

After 6 years I'm retired at an early age, own 3 properties and am in the process of moving to another county to spend the rest of my days.

No I'm not old. I'm in my late twenties.

11) It just took 1000% more of me than what I thought it would.

Crypto IS the promised land for

"the average joe" to make it.

I stand by that statement completely. Lots of people that are free or rich without crypto but usually they already had quite a lot before.

12) Crypto is a way to break free without having had the riches before.

I started with 1000. True story.

The promised lands however will ask you to spend 10 000 hours researching and more.

No shortcuts. I spend more time in crypto than most people spend in their own business.

13) I lived and breath crypto. You can take this literally.

If you want to normally profit from crypto you can get by with less involvement and research.

Don't expect the huge returns.

Investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum will also give you a nice return over time.

14) The promised lands can only be reached if you know how to think and play like a real investor or trader does.

Learn fundamental analysis to the bone! If you can't research a project properly than you likely are not going to make it.

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15) Learn how everything works BEFORE everyone else knows.

2017 best opportunities were "initial coin offerings". Very few knew how to participate however. They had to buy from me at 10x on release.

Not because they wanted to but because they had to. They didn't know.

16) 2020 brought in defi and the first mainstream decentralized exchanges.

Learning how to use metamask and make a trade on uniswap was unknown and quite difficult the first year for 95% of the market.

They only had experience with centralized exchanges (Binance, kucoin,...).

17) Today most of investors know how to use these. The edge is partially gone.

Next cycle will also introduce new mechanics.

Be a wolf! Be early! Be on it like your life depends on it!

If you take it easy and tell yourself you still have time.

The other wolfs took the edge.

18) Learn how price moves.

Every type of analysis you can add to the others gives you another edge.

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19) My conclusion:

Crypto really is the promised lands we were hoping it would be.

It just wasn't easier than any of us had thought and likely even harder.

Most people run to crypto as an easy escape only to realize the requirements were higher than they ever expected.

20) Know that if you want to stick to this game you will have to be prepared to still be here after 5 and many more years.

Whatever you do I'll still be here. That's been my edge.

Nova out ❤️

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Everyone deserves free knowledge 📘

Love you all ❤️

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