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How to spice up your Twitter…Because It Doesn’t Actually Work

- How to spice up your Twitter -

From my OWN experience 🧵🪡

Especially for my crypto peeps xrp xlm XDC

- before we begin -

Get a profile pic. I don't care if it's a picture of a random a leaf or a donkey (if that's a metaphor for something) GET ONE. when you don't have a profile pic, people automatically assume you're a bot. A lot of people without profile pics.. /

are trolls or just create those accounts to hate. When you have no profile pics people, whether subconsciously or couscously, don't take you seriously and you lose credibility.

Add a bio: everything I mentioned above also applies to the bio. You can have a profile pic.. /

And no bio and people will still think you're a bot.

Add what interests you, what you like or preferably your skills or experience or what you have to offer. People will also be more inclined to follow you too if you have a bio.

Also make the bio look clean.. /

- Organic growth -

Organic growth > everything. Have you ever seen those big accounts that have 40k+ followers and have 3 likes on each post and no engagements? No organic growth.

Those big accounts are either formed by giveaways, filled with bot followers or bought.. /

that's a no no 🚫❌ when they post they get no engagements bc those people don't care about what they're saying or it doesn't relate

Benefits of organic growth:

You nurture the relationship between you & the audience ✔️

You increase likes, engagements and interest ✔️.. /

It's good for long-term sustainability & relationships ✔️

How to increase organic growth:

Provide value. People are always out there wanting to gain the most knowledge they can, to be in-the-know and to learn. People will wanna follow you if you're useful.. /

Whatever your target market is, be valuable.

The perfect example of this is @UtilityTheory he gained a tremendous amount of followers in a short period of time all ORGANICALLY bc of his deep technical threads, knowledge and usefulness in the community.. /

- increase engagement -

I think this is an area I excel at and it's still a learning process for me. My account only has 2300 followers but I get 'likes' on my posts like I have 30k + followers. Why?


Like a lot of huge influencers, they post..

a tweet and leave and don't interact again with it. As for me, I interact with most of my tweets. 98% of the tweets on my posts have a 'like' on them.. and it's from me. If I 'like' the tweet then I like it. And I try to start conversations as much as I can.../

But that's me - - I'm mostly here for the conversation.

Benefits of interacting:

form relationships & connection with your audience ✔️

Make people feel like they matter instead of just passing them up ✔️

Don't be a bot just posting information. All this will.. /

Increase your engagements. I feel like 95% of engagements come from interacting + interest. It's the most important thing you can do.

You can also create useful threads, add pics to it or anything that makes it interesting. This will lead people to want to engage more ✔️.. /

-other things you should know-

- a lot of engagements + likes does not = more followers

- More followers doesn't equal more engagements

People follow bc of content ✔️ People engage bc they're interested✔️

The most important thing to know:

Just be yourself. Don't.. /

be someone you're not. Be authentic, genuine and do you. Don't make twitter stressful. Social media without being "social" is lonely. Always try to connect somehow. Comment on a post, like a tweet, tell someone they did a good job.

Be human. 🍻💯

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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