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Binance: “Do You Believe In Bitcoin?”

It doesn’t matter which money you believe in "Fiat or Digital currency" All that matters is, you can make lots of money with any of them. Bitcoin m

Jarrod Jarrod Newell
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Startup With Ankr Supports Liquid Staking ForMATIC, ETH, HANDLING

♦️ANKR LIQUID STAKING For the time being, @ankr supports liquid staking for MATIC, ETH, BNB, AVAX, DOT, and KSM. If you are currently staking these t

Moses Moses Samuel
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Here’s a Look at the Tokenomics vs OnChain Reality (OnChain)

A look into @SundaeSwap published Tokenomics vs. OnChain reality 🔍 A thread 🧵 Cardano ADA SundaeSwap Transparency Accountability NFT eUTXO DEX

Xerberus Xerberus
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Aleo to Be Built On Zero-Fee Cryptocurrency Powered By Aleo

🤫@AleoHQ Aleo & Zero-knowledge > Aleo are doubling down > Fast-evolving and decentralizing > Aleo is becoming a foundation for zero-knowl

Artyom Artyom Brain
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‘Coinbase’s Act of Misusing Technology Will Direct a New Fid to Global Innovation’

👉What @coinbase is doing wrong and why it matters. 🧵Thread. Using someone else's idea for monetary gain is the problem here. Just imagine if this ha

CryptoWhale™ CryptoWhale™
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Longread: Metis, Ethereum, ZK, Monero, ERC-20 Tokens

Сontinuation of this thread Metis ETH ZKP ZKRollups zkEVM

sv9tsick.metis🅱️ullEtin sv9tsick.metis🅱️ullEtin
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